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PayYours® - The Smart Way To Get PaidThe Smart Way to Pay

About PayYours®


 PayYours® is an exclusive sales channel dedicated to mobile traders.

At PayYours®: we are dedicated to getting you the best posible Merchant Services Terms and regularly review them to make sure this Service is adhered to.

By partnering with Streamline who process nearly 1 in 2 of all card transactions in the UK (3.9 Billion transactions in 2010) — your reassurance of service, quality and security for your customers. Streamline is a service provided by WorldPay (UK) Limited.

We’re dedicated to supporting the changing payment needs of all mobile workers who deal directly with their customers at their homes or places of work. What’s more, we’re committed to delivering our products and service at low costs.

Helping workers overcome a growing challenge

In recent years, customers have become increasingly reluctant to pay by cash. They see paying by cards as more convenient, with added security along with the reassurance of the insurance guarantees provided by card issuers.

Now, with PayYours® you can satisfy those customers who prefer the convenience of a card payment by Credit or Debit, just like they’re used to making in shops and restaurants.

You may take payments using either a Chip & PIN Terminal or the Complete Payment App on your mobile phone, tablet or office / home computer. Payments have never been easier, whether mobile or home based.       Call us for more information 0844-848-0002

PayYours is great news for your business as well as your customers

The portability of PayYours® Card payments systems allows you to take secure payment as soon as the job’s done, before you leave the site, either with the customer present or by calling them to take the payment over the phone. The money will then arrive in your bank account, as cleared funds, no more than 3 days later.

And, of course, offering the PayYours® option will also boost the professional image of your business, and give your customers peace of mind into the bargain.

Make sure you become an approved PayYours® Trader.